Ayurveda and Naturo therapy

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Ayurveda and Naturo Therapy

Some of the chronic illness, like depression , anxiety, gastric problems, paralysis, pain management, are well treated without side effects, also elderly care and  De- Toxification are highlight of  Ayurveda and naturo therapy.


Physiotherapists work in many areas including: cardio-respiratory, orthopedics, neurology, paediatrics, women’s health, seniors’ health, and sports. pre and post operative.

Physiotherapy has proven to be effective in the treatment and management of arthritis, diabetes, stroke and traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and a range of respiratory conditions.

Post surgery, one needs to go through various exercises to optimize results and come back to their best self.

These exercises need to be on-going even after hospital discharge for sometime which can be guided by a physiotherapist at home. These exercises help one regain strength, flexibility and performance.